Our private owned ultramodern facilities are located in the area of Aspropirgos, Attica and cover about 3,000 sq meters. Our premises represent an ideal place for the design, the manufacturing, and the storage of our products.


We believe that the safe and carefully arranged storage of our products under the optimal temperature and light conditions significantly contributes to their excellent and fresh looking. Thus, we have at our disposal plenty space for the optimal storage of our raw materials and ready products, too.

Fully equipped desktop publishing studios

Our desktop publishing studios are fully equipped with powerful and modern computers for the optimal digital design of your product maquette. This combination of revolutionary computer technology combined with fresh hardware and software equipment enables our experienced designers to easily create exclusive, innovative, impressive and unique designs for your packages!

Know-how and modern technology machinery

Our ultramodern technology machinery and our experienced staff are able to maximize the output of our work, minimizing the required production time, too. In this way, we offer our customers the maximum of our capacity in the least required time! We assure that we can correspond successfully in every packaging need of your company.

Privately owned transportation and delivery fleet

We daily transport our products to our customers safely and quiclkly! We try to minimize the required delivery time, simultaneously trying to keep the integrity and safety of our products at the highest levels.

Huge collection of sample products

You may visit our premises to see at firsthand the huge collection of numerous ready sample paper bags, so as to help you decide which is the best for you from a variety of ready paper designs and bag sizes, or alternatively we can discuss together the customized and tailored packaging solution that best fits your company packaging needs.

We believe that the above mentioned features of our company bring us at the leading position in our market and give an added value to you and your company, if you decide to cooperate with us.