Company Profile

Giamaloglou Packaging has been active since 1978 in the paper manufacturing industry sector. It holds a leading position in its sector, providing quality products and services to its customers. Giamaloglou Packaging specializes in the design and production of various solutions for the packaging for every different type of product (food, clothing, underwear, shoes, parfumery, wines, gifts, and many more...).

Giamaloglou Packaging also specializes in printing services such as offset printing and offers various printing techniques and paper bags workmanships such as lamination, varnish and more...

Giamaloglou Packaging was founded by Mr. Gregory Giamaloglou in Nikea city, Piraeus, where it remained until 1999, when it moved to its brand new privately owned premises in Aspropirgos. Its founder's ambitions and long-term vision in combination with his hard work led the company to grow rapidly and to gain a competitive advantage in a demanding industry sector such as the packaging sector. Mr. George Giamaloglou, the son of Mr. Gregory Giamaloglou, after having graduated from his studies in 1996, took charge of the company and managed to build a very strong family enterprise. Thus, father's invaluable experience along with his son's strong enthusiasm, knowledge and willingness to succeed, were some of the crucial factors that led Giamaloglou Packaging to climb at the leading position among its rivals in the ultra competitive paper manufacturing sector.